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Jan has developed and run two successful service businesses with her husband, Steve.  Over 20 years ago, Jan began questioning the quality of the life she was living and returned to school, completing a graduate program where she studied the components and development of the human spirit.  What she discovered was that during the busyness of living life, it’s easy to lose touch with those things that are truly most important to us, but by utilizing some simple tools and principles, we can change the quality of our experience.  Since then Jan has coached individuals, small businesses, religious institutions and non-profits using the skills she has developed.

In 2009, Jan became the Founding Director of A Place To Turn To, a non-profit that supports families throughout the parenting process.  A Place To Turn To provides opportunities for parents to question, learn, explore, and integrate what's most important to them into every day life.

Of all her accomplishments, the greatest has been the raising of her son, Alex who has just completed is PhD in Applied Mathematics and is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Yale University.  As proud as she is of his academic achievements, she is even more proud of the young man he has become.