The benefits of meditation are many: focused thinking, improved creativity, expanded problem-solving abilities, better manangement of stress, an increased sense of purpose, an overall sense of well-being . . . just to name a few. Meditation has long been proven an effective tool for training the mind.

Did you know that meditation has been proven effective in the following physical and psychological areas:


      • Stress Control
      • Lowered anxiety and tension
      • Chronic pain relief
      • Muscle relaxation
      • PMS relief
      • Relief for respiratory problems (asthma, etc.)
      • Lower heart rate (helps reduce heart disease)
      • Lower blood pressure
      • Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome
      • Eliminating Insomnia
      • Relieving Headaches
      • Psychological:

      • Counters depression
      • Manages panic attacks
      • Relieves anxiety
      • Decreased irritability and moodiness
      • Increased memory
      • Increased brain wave coherence (associated with greater creativity, improved moral reasoning and higher level thinking skills)
      • Increased vitality
      • Increased happiness
      • Increased emotional stability

Jan has developed and teaches a course entitled Meditation for Life that helps participants to:

  • Identify the areas in which meditation can positively effect your life
  • Introduce you to a variety of proven breathing and meditation techniques
  • Guide you in finding which techniques are most effective for your personal preference and lifestyle
  • Ensure that you find ways to easily and effectively integrate meditation into your life

The Meditation for Life course can be done in your home, for a small group, or in a corporate setting.  Contact Jan for more information.

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