What Readers Say

Timeless advice . . . Absolutely wonderful . . . A must read for children

entering their adolescent awakening and for parents walking the path

beside them . . . As an adult, I found it to be extremely helpful in my

own spiritual development - this isn’t just for kids! Jan has found a

way to capture wisdom and reduce it to a road map for life. . .

Beautifully written . . . A wonderful gift for any teen or young adult . . .

Being true to who you are and living authentically is timeless advice that

few know how to truly follow. . . A treasure! . . . Amazing insights!. . .

Inspired me to develop a deeper relationship with my teen . . . Jan has

written the words of wisdom we all want pass on to our children . . .No

teen could miss the hope, compassion and celebration for being who

they are. . . A positive impact on lives just beginning to be lived . . . I

absolutely loved it and will share it with my teen.

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